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JOHN WOOD Power Direct Vent Series

John Wood's PDV Series Water Heater features a sealed combustion chamber, low-profile design and state-of the art gas control for highly accurate and reliable temperature regulation. It has a compact design and unmatched safety features.

PDV 40

Model: JW840S40N-PDV-ES2

Capacity: 40 gallons

Input (BTU/h): 40,000

Recovery US Gal/Hr: 45

First Hour Delivery: 71

Energy Factor: 0.71

Energy Star: Yes

Height: 49.5"

Depth: 29.875"

Vent Size: 2" or 3"

Weight: 174 pounds

PDV 50

Model: JW850T45N-PDV-ES2

Capacity: 50 gallons

Input (BTU/h): 45,000

Recovery US Gal/Hr: 50

First Hour Delivery: 93

Energy Factor: 0.70

Energy Star: Yes

Height: 58.875"

Depth: 29.875"

Vent Size: 2" or 3"

Weight: 192 pounds

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