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HOME-STAT™ patented technology is one of the safest and simplest energy efficiency upgrades you can make to your home.

HOME-STAT™ is a programmable ‘set-back’ thermostat that not only provides cyclic control for both central heating and cooling systems, but also incorporates a separate module to provide operational control of a gas-fired power vented water heater. This is achieved by interrupting the electrical power supply to the water heater when the HOME-STAT™ program enters a ‘set-back’ period. 


  • All-in-one programmable thermostat manages heating and cooling

  • Provides homeowners with a total energy savings of over 28%

  • Compatible with your existing water heating system

  • Optional 7-day programming, with 4 temperature periods per day

  • Air filter change reminder - ensures your heating / cooling system operations

  • Permanent use setting memory -maintaining your settings during power outages

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