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ENVIROSENSE Power Vent Series

Envirosene's PV Series Water Heater has a 90% thermal efficiency and higher hot water output than standard power vented water heaters. It can be installed in less space than a 75-gallon unit while delivery greater recovery and lower operating costs. It's PEXANTM Diffuser Dip Tube helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximizing hot water output.


Model: 6G5076NVC-02

Capacity: 50 gallons

Input (BTU/h): 76,000

Recovery US Gal/Hr: 92

First Hour Delivery: 127

Energy Factor: 0.90

Energy Star: Yes

Height: 68.25"

Depth: 21"

Vent Size: 2" or 3"

Weight: 210

Electrical: AC 120 Volts, 60 Hz

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