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​Natural gas is colourless, odourless and non-poisonous - but it's highly flammable.

To keep you safe, a rotten egg smell is added to it so escaped natural gas can be detected.

If you notice a gas leak, call your local gas provider:

Enbridge Contact: 1-866-763-5427

Union Gas Contact: 1-877-969-0999

Kitchener Utilities: Contact 519-741-2541 

Maintaining Your Water Heater

As a HCSI Home Comfort Inc. client, you are already receiving free maintenance services and a lifetime warranty for parts and labor.

However, to keep your water heater working as efficiently as possible, and to keep your family safe, please follow these tips.

Water Temperature

You can reduce your energy consumption and keep your family safe by lowering your water heater temperature to 54°C (130°F).

However, don’t set your tank’s temperature too low – the water needs to be at least 50°C to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Testing Your Water Temperature

If you’re not sure how hot the water in your tank is, here’s how to test the temperature:

  • Don’t use any hot water for several hours

  • Find a faucet near the water heater

  • Turn on the hot water, let it run for a few minutes, then fill a coffee mug

  • Insert a cooking thermometer into the mug

  • If the temperature is 54°C, reduce the water heater temperature

  • Your water tank control may only show “hot” and “warm”. “Hot” is approximately 60°C / 140°F. Try dialing it down one mark, then retest the water temperature the next day.

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