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About Us

For 25 years HCSI Home Services Inc. has enjoyed sustainable growth and success. We value the excellent reputation we’ve earned for competitive pricing and customer service.

HCSI is a leader in the high-end residential new construction market with an excellent reputation as the ‘go-to’ rental provider of innovative energy-saving programs and services to a community of home builders, contractors and municipalities.

Our Story

When HCSI first entered the water heater rental industry in 2000, we competed in a market crowded with eight other providers. As a result of our deep commitment to the Home Building Industry, we continue to offer the simplest rental water heating program available.

As partners to the new residential construction industry market, we endeavor to provide innovative and ‘energy-saving’ products and services that support home builders, contractors, municipalities and ultimately the homeowner with initiatives meant to create a more energy efficient and sustainable future, while saving money for homeowners. 

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